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Enough Ingredients to
Get You the Results You Need

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Everyday Blood Pressure
Support Works!

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All testimonials are documented from ACTUAL CUSTOMERS and are unsolicited.

Doctor M.G. Michel B.S., D.C.

Location: Poplar Bluff, MO

"I first tried this formula with a patient who had been diagnosed with uncontrollable high blood pressure. After two days on the Everyday Blood Pressure Support formula, her blood pressure dropped by 52 points and she was able to maintain a normal BP after that."

Doctor Stephen L. Jennings, PC

Location: Rennselaer, IN

“I have used Everyday Blood Pressure Support since last year for my patients. I use muscle testing to test nutritional supplements and am very selective as to what I use in my practice. The Company has put a lot of thought into the development of the product and uses quality ingredients. The majority of my blood pressure patients respond very well to it, and I have seen no side effects.” 

About The Product

Enough Ingredients to Get You the Results You Need

We provide the most advanced “Super Critical” C02 and Hydrophilic Extraction ratio process in the industry, delivering extreme potency, purity, and absorption.

  • Retains healthy blood pressure levels
  • Supports blood vessel elasticity and strength
  • Supports circulation and blood flow
  • Supports heart & liver function
  • Healthy stress response with calming properties
  • Users report benefits in 30-60 days

Real results:

Our formula combines the most promising herbs that have shown clinical evidence in lowering BP and improving cardiovascular and liver function.

Everyday Blood Pressure Support Works!

Here's why:

  • All our ingredients have been clinically proven with numerous scientific studies that show a therapeutic effect in lowering blood pressure and improving cardiovascular function.
  • Superior sourcing of sustainable farmed herbs attained directly from the actual growers, not bought wholesale from bulk suppliers who buy from unknown sources.
  • We provide the most advanced extraction process in the industry. Known as “Super Critical” C02 and Hydrophilic Extraction. This patented process offers the highest extraction ratios possible up to 250:1. This “clean” process produces extreme potency and bio-availability in the most purest form. When you open the bottle you can smell the herbs it's that pure.
  • Although our extraction ratios are proprietary, the dosage amounts on our Supplement Facts Label are at very high extraction ratios. Our extraction ratios meet and/or exceed the dosage amounts used for a positive therapeutic effect on high blood pressure and the strengthening of cardiovascular function done in clinical studies worldwide.
  • Our formula is free of harmful chemical and alcohol solvents and metals. Laboratory tested for purity and advertised potency.