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Wholesale Information

Qualification for a Wholesale Account

Wholesale accounts with Everyday Cardio Care, Inc. are available to Health Care Practitioners who intend to sell our products in their practice and/or resell them to their clients.

We also offer wholesale accounts to online retailers, health spas, retail stores and manufactures.

We require an initial minimum order of $167.00.

How To Open a Wholesale Account

Thank you for your interest to sell Everyday Blood Pressure Support. If you would like to apply for an account with Everyday Cardio Care, Inc. please read the following New Account application instructions: Please completely fill out the New Accounts Application form. Incomplete applications will delay your application.

  1. Please print, sign and return a copy of the New Account Application form to Everyday Cardio Care, Inc. by scan/e-mail, or regular mail. Email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. Please return the following along with your application
    1. Retail stores and on-line retailers inside California will need to provide a copy of your Federal Tax ID number, a resale number, as well as a California Resale Certificate (available on website).
    2. Retailers and on-line retailers outside California need to provide a copy of your Federal Tax ID number and a State resale number, or a City/Town/County Business License.
    3. Practitioners/Physicians/Clinics need to provide a copy of a valid Practitioner or Physician license.
  3. Approved accounts will be set up once the first order is placed. Payments may be made with check or credit card.

For questions please call us at: 415-787-3025

Download PDFWholesale Contract
Download PDFCalifornia Resale Certificate

Bill Blazyk

Location: Mars Hill, NC

Blood Pressure Stage: Stage 2 taking no medication

Blood Pressure Before: 138/85

Blood Pressure After: 117/72

Time Period: 40 days

David Drechsler

Location: Apopka, FL

Blood Pressure Stage: Stage 2 taking medication with side effects

Blood Pressure Before: 145/89

Blood Pressure After: 115/70

Time Period: 35 days (taken off medication)