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Other Ingredients: Vegetarian Capsule, Silica Dioxide

    Brief Product Overview:

  • Retains healthy blood pressure levels
  • Supports blood vessel elasticity and strength
  • Supports circulation and blood flow
  • Supports heart & liver function
  • Healthy stress response with calming properties
  • Users report benefits in 30-60 days
  • Reduces bodily inflammation and pain

    The Everyday Promise:

  • Sustainable farmed Herbs
  • High extraction ratios for better potency
  • Free of harmful solvents and metals
  • Laboratory tested for purity

Bill Blazyk

Location: Mars Hill, NC

Blood Pressure Stage: Stage 2 taking no medication

Blood Pressure Before: 138/85

Blood Pressure After: 117/72

Time Period: 40 days

David Drechsler

Location: Apopka, FL

Blood Pressure Stage: Stage 2 taking medication with side effects

Blood Pressure Before: 145/89

Blood Pressure After: 115/70

Time Period: 35 days (taken off medication)